Groupiest is a social network tool offered by the Spanish-based AppStylus, who also provide various other solutions such as security auditing and blog widgets. With Groupiest you can make a social network that is custom tailored to your business’s needs; it is invaluable for networking, when job hunting, looking for potential clients and much more.

Groupiest has already established its base on Twitter, at!/Groupiest_EN/, a page providing further information for those interested in social networking, and sharing information with customers and readers alike. AppStylus aims to use their Twitter presence notonly as a gateway for information about Groupiest, but also as a customer service page should users have queries about the service. As a user of this new social networking solution, it is important to know you can rely on the company for support and information, and AppStylus provides that promptly, responding to any questions its clients may have.

make a social networkYou may be wondering exactly why your business or website would need Groupiest. It is important for budding entrepreneurs to understand the nature of viral marketing, and how social networks can be a considerable aid to product selling, or help considerably in expanding your reader base and improving your traffic. Since you can make a social network which suits you, you can fully realize the vision you have for your business and create something which is fitting to the design you have in mind.

Groupiest allows full customization, such as the addition of posts from Twitter and Facebook, and the ability to collaborate between users for any projects. It is all flawlessly integrated with your existing infrastructure, and even beginners need not to worry about installation. You can choose whether to manage detailed aspects or whether to create a simple network which caters for social interaction amongst your client base.

The AppStylus application also gives you the option of traffic monitoring and analysis by employing a tool which gives you information on any minute aspect of your traffic; you may wonder which age group visits your site, from which location most of your traffic comes from, or what content or product is most popular. With Groupiest you can analyze all this information in a detailed manner, and by doing so you are able to determine whether to choose one type of product over another, or whether to discard content which proves unpopular.

It should now be perfectly clear how Groupiest wins hands down over its fierce competition, simply because the application is completely free and provides exactly the same functionality as paid products. Moreover, the application is open source, which means your designer can alter and further customize content if need be. It also means that when you make a social network, your new creation can easily be transferred if you switch domain or webspace.

You can visit to request a copy of Groupiest, simply by clicking on “Get Started” and providing a valid e-mail address: try it out and you won’t be disappointed.

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