how to make your own social networkSocial Networking has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter have millions of users from all over the world that love to keep in touch with their friends and family, and connect with some of the thousands of people that join everyday. Social networking games and the constant addition of new features keep social networking fresh and it keeps users coming back for more. If the average person wants to make a socialnetworking website, it can seem like a complicated hassle, however it does not take a computer genius to create their very own personal social networking website. Now it is possible for anyone with an Internet connection to create the social network of their dreams using Groupiest, a free social networking website. Groupiest combines many of the best aspects of popular social networking sites and allows anyone with even the most basic level of computer knowledge to create their very own personalized social networking website.

Groupiest allows users to run their very own website completely for free. There is no need to learn any complex computer tricks or complicated programming languages to make a social networkingwebsite, because the features on Groupiest are very easy to install. Users do not have to pay for storage or bandwidth and there are no hidden costs involved at all. Groupiest prides itself in providing everything that major social networking websites have. The same options and services that are on other websites, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, are available for the average Groupiest user. Users can fully customize their website’s appearance and style through one of the many available themes. Advanced options come at a price, however users can place their own ads and generate revenue directly from their website. Customizable privacy levels and the ability for everyone to contribute to the success of the blog are just some of the reasons to join the Groupiest service.

Groupiest allows owners to be the master of their own community. Owners take full and total control over everything within their community, letting them give and deny access to all users within the community. The open source availability of Groupiest allows content to be viewed on any web browser or mobile device and allows owners with development knowledge to create new features for Groupiest. Tools that track certain parameters, such as traffic and page views, can be integrated into Groupiest, allowing owners to know every aspect about their website. Groupiest is Google friendly, which means that search engines can easily find specific pages, and users have the ability to apply their very own custom domain names. Make a social networking website for free with Groupiest, the best service available for complete and total control over a social network,allowing anyone to make a social networking website. As more and more people join, upgrading to the advance features becomes more viable as proper ad placement can create profits for the owner of the page. A very informative and helpful support center can answer any question one may have about any aspect of Groupiest.

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